All the Python packages presented in this blog:

Now have a common home for their documentation, available on Techtonique website (it’s a work in progress).

new-techtonique-website Figure: New Techtonique Website

For this documentation, I’m using MkDocs in conjunction with keras-autodoc. With MkDocs, I found out that you can create a static website rapidly using Markdown. Regarding package technical documentation in particular, one thing that I find useful and that I’ve been searching for a while, is the ability for a tool to loop and read Python docstrings: that’s what keras-autodoc allowed me to do. I’ve heard of a way of doing such a thing for R documentation recently:


So, cross_val and ESGtoolkit, two R members of Techtonique, are next in line for Techtonique website. I may also give pkgdown a try, depending on how I’m able to tweak the styles, and all.