Hi everyone, best wishes for 2020 to you and yours. For this new year, there’s some novelty on the blog: a search bar that allows to search rapidly for specific keywords in previous blog posts.


After clicking on the blue button on the right (or pressing ‘Enter’ after typing your request), make sure to scroll down to get the actual results from the blog.

And in case you missed it before the holidays, this 2019 recap will be useful for you to have an extended overview of the ecosystem of packages discussed in this blog.

Note: I am currently looking for a gig. You can hire me on Malt or send me an email: thierry dot moudiki at pm dot me. I can do descriptive statistics, data preparation, feature engineering, model calibration, training and validation, and model outputs’ interpretation. I am fluent in Python, R, SQL, Microsoft Excel, Visual Basic (among others) and French. My résumé? Here!