nnetsauce, mlsauce, the querier and the teller are now stored under Techtonique, and not on my personal GitHub account anymore. I’ll be back next week, with:

1-A new, cython-ready version of nnetsauce including nonlinear Generalized Linear Models (GLM). If you want a sneak peek of this new version, you can execute the following jupyter notebook – at the bottom for nonlinear GLMs in particular, but it contains a general review of the nnetsauce:


Note that AdaBoost and RandomBag classifiers will be faster eventually (ensemble’s loops not cythonized yet, as I’m writing this).

2-A description of the nonlinear Generalized Linear Models.

3-A new Techtonique website containing documentation + examples for nnetsauce, mlsauce, the querier and the teller, all in the same place.

Stay tuned!

glm-loss-function Figure: GLM loss function (from notebook)